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Band Members.

Janusz PiechaAriel PiechaDarek

June 2015


Album is now available online, if you are interested in purchasing our CD visit our Shop

April 2015

LP/CD Premiere May 2015

After nearly a year from recoding, we are very close from premiere of our studio album. At the same time Nadzor's archive songs from 80's are going to be released on LP. All of this we owe to Bezkoc and Pasazer Records.

LP/CD Disc can be ordered on: or

Here are our 4 premiere singles.. Brudna Moralnosc - Polska - Wegetacja - Z kamera wsrod zwierzat

June 2014

Album news

We have good news for everyone, mixing and mastering has been completed. In the near future we will be releasing single promoting the album. Release date of the album is not yet confirmed.

May 2014


We would like to share some good news, Studio work has been finished. After hard work we have recorded 17 tracks. We have recorded live with a large dose of pure hardcore energy!!! Tracks were recorded in 'Studio Roslyn', currently work is going on Mixing and Mastering. Officially we don't know the release date of the album yet, but we will try to get it out as soon as possible. Stay tuned and we will inform you on the progress of the album.

January 2014

Album news

Work on new album will take few more months because in our home studio we didn't achieve what we have expected. Band will record in studio - date is already set, 5 May Nadzór enters studio and records material.

January 2014

Project on hold

Unfortunately we lost contact with Ola from Quality control for couple of months now. We don't have any information about what stage the project is at or even if it is going to be finalised.

If anything changes and we start collaborating with Ola again, we will notify about it on our website. Sorry to the fans that are awaiting the release of this album, but it is not our bands foult.

September 2013

New Album

Nadzór is currently working on a new album in its home studio in Northern Ireland. The new album will consist of 17 tracks from the cassette "Your Tolerance is Shit if you Don't try to UNDERSTAND Us" released back in 1989. All the tracks are being recorded live with a pure hardcore-punk energy in order to capture the climate of those years. The tracks will be recorded in both, Polish and English language versions.

The album should be released at the beginning of 2014.

July 2013


Szpila cooperates with Ola Herbih from Quality Control on releasing of a disc in a vinyl version consisting of Nadzór’s original recordings from the 80’s. The disc will also contain a bonus-concert from Białystok, which took place in Gwint club in 1987. Along with the disc, a booklet containing an interview with Szpila held in Belfast in 2012 will be issued.

This project is presumed to be completed by the end of 2013.