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Band Members.

Janusz PiechaAriel PiechaDarek

History of Nadzor

December, 1987, concert in Białystok in Gwint club brought about another revolution. They played next to The Corpse and KSU. At first, the audience was a little confused because back then, none of the punk nor hardcore band played the drums with two kick pedals. The overall reaction was however very positive. Nadzór became famous for its superfast hardcore trash mixed with a bit of metal. Further concerts in Kraków and Bielsko-Biała in April 1988 resulted in new fans and a closer friendship with The Corpse. Both bands had a common aim.

Nadzór met Maciek Chodorowski from Bielsko-Biała, thanks to whom an interview with Nadzór in a monthly American paper ‘Maximumrocknroll’ was published in April 1988. This has resulted in a large volume of letters received by Nadzór from people all over the world (France, RFN, Canada and Peru) interested in publishing their recordings.

Nadzór experienced problems with recording in a professional studio. They decided therefore to record at home, using amateurish equipment. Even though the quality of those recordings is poor, it captures well the ‘underground climate’ of the 80’s.

Nadzór cooperated with Matthias Weiganden from z Ecocentric Records (Germany), who published its casette ‘Your tolerance is shit if you don’t try to understand us!!!’, which resulted in many positive comments to appear in Maximumrocknroll.

This was the best period of Nadzór’s acivity. It was then that their dreams crashed and the whole world collapsed.

May, 1988- Zeman joins the army. Nadzór is left without a drummer. Six months later Szpila joins the army too..

Nadzór ceases to exist for over 2 years..

In June 1988, Piotr Wierzbicki from ‘Nonstop’ published an article in which he wrote that Nadzór had a potential of the positive things at the polish scene, it won’t however be easy to break through with its fusion of hardcore, trash and metal.

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